I arrived …

Early evening in Istanbul (the view from my bedroom for the next 10 days... Who would not fall for it??!)

I got into a sunny and warm Istanbul at 1pm – but soon after reality began to set in … BA left my luggage in London, the person who was supposed to collect me from the airport pretended that he didn’t know anything about it (yes, today is a Bank Holiday…) and the arranged appointment to view my flat didn’t take place either (yes, today is a holiday in Turkey …). But as my friends in Istanbul say, things always get done here, just at a different pace.

So, after staring desperately at the luggage belt at the airport, and not finding my bag, I was sent to the BA office and greeted by a very nice, smiley and warm lady who assured me that my luggage will be delivered by the afternoon, 5 o’clock-ish. Well, that was fine. In the end my bag turned up at 10pm, instead of 5pm. But as they say, things get done here just at a different pace …

When it turned out that my driver was not going to turn up, I jumped into a taxi and found myself accompanied by a rather handsome, young Turkish driver who spoke English, knew where he was going and did not even overcharge me or take me to any unknown parts of Istanbul to increase the fare. He must have been sent from heaven …

And I re-arranged the appointment with my agent to view my flat for Monday 10am. So, all back on track!

As they say, everything gets done here, just at a different pace…

It feels amazing though, being back here in Istanbul. One feels so full of life and excitement. I am staying with friends in Pera, the beautiful old Greek district of Istanbul. The view from my bedroom is just a dream and I can hardly believe that this is going to be the city where I will be living soon. Who would ever have thought? …


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