Just another day in Istanbul? …

Istanbul in the (heavy) rain

Image by CharlesFred via Flickr

I have the feeling that this trip to Istanbul is supposed to test my love for and devotion to the city. Today was yet another day of the reality check. It has been raining and thundering all day … However, the skyline in the mist of rain creates an incredible and almost dreamy atmosphere. It is such a unique place!

A friend of mine sent me the following link on Istanbul which I would like to share with all my friends, fans and followers of this blog:


Today is also the day of the important Referendum in Turkey that could bring major constitutional changes into place:


Not just any rainy day in Istanbul …

In the evening, I was invited to a birthday party of a friend of mine and one of the most wonderful people I have ever met. We went to a restaurant in Pera with the most stunning view of the Golden Horn: Oktay Tas-Restaurant at Deniz Palas. Check out the link: http://xrestaurantbar.com/

The view of the Golden Horn at night is just breathtaking. There is the bar on the roof of Deniz Palas, and the restaurant is located on the floor below. The bar is strongly recommended for drinks – when it is not raining … The food is international with a Turkish twist. The fish, duck and liver were very good. And you should try the dessert “chicken breast with cinnamon ice-cream ” – amazing!


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