What a difference a day makes …

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The reality check continued in its full colours on Monday when I met with my agent. Reality seemed to hit me right over the head … I was shown four crappy flats, one nice one for which they wanted a guarantor (who lives in Istanbul), six months advance rent in cash and in order to keep the flat free until October a further two months rent straight away – again in cash … The office was in some basement and my agent – who I only knew from email – turned out to be a nice but totally overworked and stressed out person. Every sentence seemed to be interrupted by a phone call or somebody complaining etc etc … I was just thunder struck. A friend of mine in Istanbul just screamed at me to scrap it all and start from scratch because “this is not acceptable!”. And how grateful I am for those words today!

Yesterday, though, I was close to a total depression, doubting and questioning my dream and mission of living in Istanbul and almost ready to pack my bags and leave. But before I actually packed my bags, I spent 5 hours on the internet, phone and email – and in the end arranged to meet one agent today at 10 am. So, after 6pm last night, I could not bear the world anymore and needed some serious cheering up. So, I indulged myself with the new September issue of Turkish VOGUE and a friend of mine invited me over to hers for a bowl of pasta, red wine and a chat – and we had a long one… Returned home at 1am … But I felt soooo much better and was ready to face the new day!

And what a difference a day makes … I met the new agent at 10am this morning. And she seemed to be like an angel sent from heaven. We got on really well right from the beginning. She showed me seven different flats in all price ranges – and there is one, which has totally captured my heart and imagination. I can’t give you more details yet – but I was just stunned and almost breathless when I saw it. It is an experience, not just a flat…

So, now I have to get the formalities sorted out and most importantly the landlord to agree to give it to me for the reduced rent price. And Istanbul here I come!!! In this case the formalities are much more straightforward – light years from what I experienced yesterday!

In the end I spent almost the entire day with the agent. We had lunch and she even helped me to buy my Turkish mobile (!, so exciting), and we are going to have dinner where she will invite friends of hers and introduce me etc etc – and this is so Turkey. We love it for exactly that! The old cafe owner who gives you some tea while you wait and doesn’t even want money for it, the people who come together to help you and find a solution for whatever problem you have. It is just wonderful.

I am back in love with Istanbul and the dream lives on!!!!

I found a great article in “Time Out Istanbul” online which so captures my ins and outs …


So, fingers crossed for another day in Istanbul!


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