And so it continues …


Image by Michał Sacharewicz via Flickr

Something I have learnt this week is that one should always enjoy things with a big euphoria, but once that is done, one should look at it more soberly. And this is exactly what happened to me in regards to the breathtaking flat I viewed on Tuesday. The euphoria to potentially live in a penthouse studio apartment with an almost 360 degree view over Istanbul is simply to die for. Top floor with associated common roof terrace, right next to Galata Tower, on one of the busiest streets in Istanbul – amazing, isn’t? Obviously this comes at a very stretchy financial price – but hey …

The alternative was a 2-bedroom flat, just around the corner from Galata Tower in a 1900 renovated building in a quiet street, next door to a small tea place and two streets away from the trendy fashion streets with their cafes and bars and restaurants. So, after looking at the two options again soberly yesterday, I decided against the view and for the quiet, spacious option today… The penthouse would have given me the feeling of living isolated in my little bubble on the rooftops of Istanbul. The second option will allow me to dive much more into the local life and it somehow appeals more to me than sitting in a penthouse overlooking the Bosphorus. And I can still enjoy the view whenever I want to.

Just take last night. A friend of mine and I went to the Sabanci Museum to see the exhibition “8000 years of a Capital” in the evening:

The exhibition is just stunning. The set up, the design, the objects – simply beautiful and so rare to see and a true reflection of the importance and greatness of Constantinople/Istanbul. After enjoying the exhibition, we had dinner on the terrace of the museum building. One sits there and not only enjoys the good food but at the same time a breathtaking view over the Bosphorus which is lit by moonlight and star dust. A dream!

This morning, after sending off the confirming email regarding my flat, I discovered another area that has lots of cafes, vintage shops, galleries, antique shops and bars – Cihangir, just off Istiklal Caddesi.

Street Art in Cihangir

close up

The contrast between old and new and traditional and contemporary is the undoubted flavour of this city. The 21st Century meets the 13th Century meets the 19th Century meets the 16th Century – everyday. It is just amazing. Istanbul Modern (2004) meets Nusretiye Camii (1820s) …

Nusretiye Camii and entrance to Istanbul Modern

Entrance to Istanbul Modern

Nusretiye Camii

And if you want to enjoy yet another meal with a breathtaking view over the Bosphorus and Topkapi Palace, go to the Cafe at Istanbul Modern. The staff can be a bit with an attitude but the view and the food and the coffee really make up for it.

So, and the discovery of the city and its life continues …

One Response to “And so it continues …”
  1. Tania Chandler says:

    Hello Patrick,
    Let’s try to convince Morgan to bring Charlie to Istanbul for a visit.
    Isn’t this spring weather delicious?
    Best wishes,

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