New home sweet home …

Last weekend was the first time I could wake up (after a long and very nice private dinner party by the Bosphorus on Friday night …) with the knowledge that Istanbul is now going to be my new home. The big mission for the week has been accomplished – I found an apartment and I am very very happy with it. It is so wonderfully located, just right down from Galata Tower…

... and just down that street ...

It feels amazing to know that I have a home in this fantastic and magical city! So exciting!!! It somehow reminds me of the great German-Turkish film ‘Auf der anderen Seite‘ (“The Edge of Heaven”). One of the main characters, a Turkish professor for German literature in Hamburg, moves to Istanbul and lives in a very similar house with a tea place right opposite it. And that’s just what I am going to have … Merhaba, Istanbul!

The weekend in Istanbul with 32 degrees and sunshine was spent in an appropriately relaxed manner. Friends and I went to a nice lunch place in Ortakoy near the first Bosphorus bridge, called Banyar. An unbelievable view, good Thai/Japanese/Turkish fusion food and it is just so relaxing to sit on the terrace and feel the breeze. What else does one need on a weekend like this?!!

Well, something I read about, while enjoying the sun, is a blog for gentlemen with a sartorial interest. Check out: The blog was set up by two guys from NYC in their early 20s – with an amazing attitude towards clothes.

Istanbul’s streets also offer a wide range of styles and fashion inspirations. There will be more of this in the near future. Watch this space!

Something I discovered personally with huge gratitude and that makes such a difference to Istanbul life is its public transport system, especially the trams, Metro and the ferries across the Bosphorus. They are sheer bliss in the constant traffic madness of Istanbul. For 1TL one can pass the eternal traffic jam in an air-conditioned tram or just dive underneath in the Metro. And to use one of those ferry boats to get to the Asian side of the city is pure magic, especially in the evening – and all this for 1.50TL and it only takes 5-10 min. I cannot stress the importance and pleasure of these public transport facilities strongly enough. Sheer bliss when, yet again, the entire city car traffic comes to a total stand-still. Yes stand-still, literally …

I am back in London since today for the next few weeks, but I will sprinkle this blog with news about Istanbul whenever appropriate and available. So, watch this space!!!

One Response to “New home sweet home …”
  1. Ms Otto says:

    I’m a fan of this blog already! Why is no one commenting?
    When can we come to visit?

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