12 more days … counting already …


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In two weeks time from today, I will have woken up in Istanbul, in my new apartment and will be about to begin my first weekend as a proper citizen of this magical city. I am so excited already, just the thought of it!

Today I watched ‘Eat Pray Love‘ for the second time. Yes, this might be a total outing … But I never read the book (which, apparently, is better) when it came out, and now watching the film, I must admit there are a lot of points made which really resonate very strongly with me. And as I have been confronted with the question – ‘So, and what are you going to do in Istanbul?’ – over the last two weeks so many times, perhaps I should just reply: ‘Just what Julia Roberts did in the film.’. I suppose that would give the rather abstract sounding plan of ‘allowing life to unfold’ a bit more specific idea (and glamour and cinematic chic…).

And just talking about what life is going to be like in Istanbul – not boring, that’s for sure! The earth was shaking in Turkey last Sunday, in the most literal sense. A mild earthquake shook Istanbul and created a little panic in the city. However, not to worry. Read more:

A further phenomenon I have been confronted with over the last two weeks is the phenomenon of stereotypes and prejudices. Whenever I mentioned my plan of moving to Istanbul, I had a wide range of reactions – from shaking heads in disbelieve to total excitement and understanding. The cautious and surprised parties began immediately to paint a rather backward picture of Turkey and Istanbul which is simply not reality. A friend of mine sent me a link from the German Harvard Business Manager magazine which deals with exactly that phenomenon, and I would like to share this article with you as it gives an image of contemporary Turkey and especially Istanbul that I share based on my experiences and people I encountered there.   (the original text is only in German but please find a translation below)

Karriere in … der Türkei: Brücke zum Orient – Harvard Business Manager


So, and just to give you an update on the more practical sides of my life change – the movers are coming next week to pack everything and put my worldly belongings into storage (apart from a few things I am taking to Istanbul for my new life there). And this is going to be yet another Julia Roberts moment … (For those of you who have seen the film or read the book you will know what I mean.). The hand-over of my flat is arranged for the week after, and from today twelve more days to go before I board my flight to Istanbul! I am counting …


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