A Sunday in Istanbul …

Even at the risk of sounding extremely boring and repetitive, I AM IN LOVE with Istanbul!!!! She is such a beauty – in her very own ways. How can one resist the alluring flow of the Bosphorus, the fruity odour of its breeze, the proud and beautiful inhabitants, the nostalgia, the history and one’s stunned marvelling at her centuries-old architecture – how can one not be in love?!!???

This morning, I woke up to warm sunshine coming through the branches of the trees outside my bedroom window. I put on Mahler’s no.5, made some breakfast and started my expedition. Istanbul, my love!

view from down the street near me

market view from Galata

Galata Bridge on Sunday

view of Süleymanyie Mosque from Galata Bridge

Süleymaniye Mosque

Süleymanyie mosque is one of the most important and most beautiful mosques in Istanbul. It is still under construction. The restoration work is scheduled to be finished by the end of this year and hopefully one will then be able to be stunned and blinded by its unbelievable beauty. Outside the mosque they put up photographs documenting the restoration – and it looks breathtaking. Be prepared to be blown away!

a tea place near the mosque

a local shop window

view from the ferry

I then took a ferry to the Asian side. One could actually just stay on those ferries and go between the shores back and forth. It is such a breathtaking sensation – the Bosphorus, the view, Istanbul … It was very much a “Hamam”-moment … (the film I am referring to here, of course …)

view from the ferry

view from Galata Bridge towards Atatürk Bridge

a peaceful Sunday by the Bosphorus

On Sundays one just sits by the Bosphorus, fishing, reading, thinking or just gazing …

the old and the new – a view from the Asian side

the old and the new on the Asian side

Beyazıt Mosque near Istanbul University

What a day, from Europe to Asia and back within hours…

I returned to Beyoğlu, to my Ottoman palace, and on the way got myself the latest “Time Out Istanbul” (http://www.timeoutistanbul.com/english/), the “Economist” with a 14-page report on Turkey this week!, and the weekend issue of my newly discovered English-language Turkish daily “Today’s Zaman” (Today’s Time) (http://www.todayszaman.com/tz-web/).

Two columnes I would love to share from this weekend’s issue of “Today’s Zaman”:

one is, of course, about Istanbul:


and the other one raises the question, which is currently hugely debated in Europe: ‘Are you a ‘multicultural’ person?’:



And tomorrow starts my first week in Istanbul! I can’t wait!!!!


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