a new flavour …

My dear friends and readers, you will have noticed that the appearance of my blog has changed a bit. Put it down to a new mood, a new chapter, a new energy, a new flavour … Well, it felt right to give it a bit of a face lift and I would love to hear your opinions. Please make use of the ‘comment’ function extensively …!

It is now day 6 in Istanbul and it still feels amazing to be here. The world here is absolutely fascinating me. One can feel an energy like, as we say in German Goldgräberstimmung (gold digging mood). It seems one can watch Istanbul changing and growing by the day, literally. Everybody seems to have a new idea and wants to reach out to the future. The prediction in this week’s Economist that Turkey will be the 10th biggest economy in the world by 2050, seems absolutely plausible by the impression one gets here in Istanbul. Very very exciting times!!

read more: http://www.economist.com/node/17276440

European Capital of Culture!

Last night I went to an exhibition opening at a gallery space on Istiklal:


exhibition space Borusan Müzik Evi

The artists were all non-Turkish, i.e. Tracey Emin and others. It is still rare in Istanbul that galleries and independent exhibition spaces show works by international contemporary artists – although the number of those exhibitions is increasing. It was interesting to see the excitement the exhibition caused. People are thirsty for international art. The younger generation is longing for inspiration and cosmopolitan influences, and the older generation wants Istanbul to become an international platform for art as they know London, Berlin Paris, New York from their travels. Istanbul is definitely ready for more! And looking at the potential of this city and the inspiration it can provide at the same time, it could undoubtedly be the new Berlin in the very near future. Walking through the streets in Beyoğlu and Cihangir, it already feels like it.

Just a few streets away from where I live, I found a very interesting design/concept store called Bilsarbinası. It is quite an interesting space and their house fashion brand BiL’S includes a range of simple white shirts in different cuts for men and women. Very much Muji in feel but more varied in style. They also hold temporary contemporary art exhibitions in the back of the shop. They even sell merchandise from the NY Metropolitan Museum gift shop! Their café next door is small but very cute and when the weather is nice, one can sit outside as well. A real gem in the neighbourhood.

entrance to concept store Bilsarbinası

the shop entrance, featuring brands such as Muji, Fred Perry and their own fashion brand BiL'S

their coffee shop next door

As the weather is turning more and more autumnal – even here in Istanbul…, the question of what to wear becomes more and more important, obviously. And so there is another blog to be added to the family of blogs: http://kjohnlasoul.com/. The guy is from NYC, a photographer, a fashionista and friends with the guys who set up the ‘Street Etiquette’ blog.

Another of my big favourites at the moment is the Turkish menswear designer Ümit Benan (http://www.umitbenan.com/). He combines Turkish heritage and the latest fashion trends in a very creative way to something very special and of its own kind. Do check him out.

So, and there is still so much more to discover in this amazing and magical city. Watch this space …

P.S. There is the Turkish Film Festival in London in November. Don’t miss it!!! Not only Turkish Airline is the fastest growing airline in the world at the moment, no, there are some amazing Turkish films too! http://www.ltff.org.uk/



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