Travelling in Time …

It was a real find on Friday afternoon, when I ‘discovered’ the Archaeological Museum in Istanbul. It might sound dry at first, but it was almost like a time-travel experience. You will see …

the main museum building

Does this not remind you of turn-of-the-century Berlin? The museum is located in the outer-gardens of Topkapı Palace. One walks through the gate of the palace and turns left into a little alleyway. The museum has its own gate and once one goes through it, one feels instantly transported to Wilhelminian Berlin around 1900. It is extraordinary. The thousands of tourists that kept walking towards the palace seem to have disappeared where the Archaeological Museum is. The museum’s building could be part of the famous museum island in Berlin. Can this be? Is this really where the heart of old Imperial Constantinople is????

detail of the Neo-Greek facade

The ‘new’ main building was completed between 1881 and 1908. It is one of the prominent neoclassical style buildings in Istanbul. The ‘old’ museum, the ‘Tiled Kiosk‘ was completed in 1473 under Sultan Mehmed II. It is one of the oldest structures in Istanbul  and was built as a Pleasure Palace… It housed the Imperial Museum between 1875 and 1891, and since 1953, it is open to the public and home to the Turkish and Islamic Art Museum.

the 'Tiled Kiosk', the old museum

detail of the entrance to the 'Tiled Kiosk'

one of the stunning exhibits...

And lots more to discover …!

2 Responses to “Travelling in Time …”
  1. Queen Melania says:

    That looks incredible. Very beautiful. Here in London it has been glum and dark. So to cheer ourselves up yesterday we watched a documentary about London Zoo. Within minutes, a baby penguin had been put down because it had a crooked spine. Then a young gorilla died. Then the vultures ate their chick.

    Feel much better now. NOT. xxx

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