Time seems to be flying …

Time seems to be just flying. There are so many things going on in Istanbul right now, and we are awaiting one of the longest holidays of the year. Kurban Bayrami will be celebrated on 16-17-18-19 November 2010. It is the ‘Festival of Sacrifice‘, one of the most important holidays in Islam, and it almost seems that everything has to happen before the holiday period starts … (This year it starts already on Friday, when the city gets deserted, until 21st…)

Last week on Thursday, a new – yet again, rather splendidly presented – exhibition opened at the Sabancı Museum – the Aga Khan Collection which includes the most beautiful manuscripts. Breathtaking! For people who have not seen it in Berlin, there is an opportunity now in Istanbul until February 2011!
Read morehttp://muze.sabanciuniv.edu/exhibition/exhibition.php?lngExhibitionID=106&bytLanguageID=2

At SANAT LiMANI, a free exhibition space next to Istanbul Modern, a very interesting show of contemporary Arab art opened last week called – Edge of Arabia: TRANSITION. Edge of Arabia is a London-based creative movement and touring exhibition bringing the relatively unknown contemporary art and culture of Saudi Arabia to audiences internationally. This is their most ambitious exhibition to date, and the largest ever show of Gulf artists in Turkey.

Manal Al-Dowayan, 'I am a Saudi Citizen', 2005-07

Abdulnasser Gharem, 'Detour', 2010

Manal Al-Dowayan, 'I live and die for the moment', 2010

On Monday, friends and I enjoyed an extraordinary launch party for the Turkish video artist Kutluğ Ataman, just around the corner from me at a penthouse apartment with a rooftop terrace overlooking Istanbul. Just so breathtakingly wonderful! The people were interesting, the food delicious and we just had a fantastic time.

Ataman’s first-ever retrospective opened on Tuesday at Istanbul Modern, called The Enemy Inside Me’ and runs until 6 March 2011.
read more: http://www.istanbulmodern.org/en/f_index.html

On Tuesday, I was very lucky to get a ticket for the performance of Vladimir Ashkenazy here in Istanbul. He and his son played the double piano and performed pieces by Ravel, Scriabin and Poulenc – the latter was a real discovery. It was such a treat enjoying this music with friends. I even had my first sushi in Istanbul since I arrived!

On Thursday night was the award ceremony for the Jameel Prize, a biennial international award to a contemporary artist for work inspired by Islamic traditions of craft and design; a prize set up in cooperation with the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

And just talking about flying – or in this particular case – not flying … A friend missed her plane yesterday and because of the upcoming holiday, all the return flights were sold out for the day. So she had to stay another day in Istanbul … Well, things could be worse, and we decided to have a great time – and indeed we had! Lots of walking and talking and eating and drinking and dancing until 3am … Well, things could indeed be worse … A real find was the restaurant we went to for dinner, where we met up with some other friends from Istanbul. It is called Munferit and is in Galatasaray and serves most probably the best wine in Istanbul, the fish, too, is to die for and the cocktails to go-down-on-your-knees-and-pray. OMG! Fabulous!!!!

check it out: http://www.a212.com/2010/05/restaurant-munferit-beyoglu-istanbul-by.html

And the weather in Istanbul … OMG! – 22 degrees and sunshine all day!!!


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And so it continues …


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