From Karaköy to Kadiköy …

This week was the post-Contemporary Istanbul, Wikileak and snow-and-ice-in-Europe week. Quite a week, indeed! Istanbul, however, enjoyed, almost summery temperatures up to 25 degrees. I hardly dare to publish this fact, having received all the photos and weather reports from London … But apparently next week, things are going to change here too and the summer will be finally over. And 20 more days to go before Christmas! Luckily, Istanbul has hardly any signs of the usual Christmas shopping and decorating madness. It is such a relief to the eyes! Life just continues and that is wonderful!

And my endless discoveries in this amazing city continue too. This week I found a magical city view from a park just below Topkapı Palace – the Gülhane Park. From there one overlooks almost the entire Asian part of Istanbul. A local café serves tea and some food, and one can just sit there for hours and hours and enjoy the view.

And right behind the cafe is the Goths Column, a victory column dating back to the Romans. So, you can imagine me in this surrounding learning my Turkish vocabulary, reading my book and drinking Turkish tea (çay). Well, what can I say …

A late Saturday breakfast at Cafe Privato ( with a friend who lives nearby, started my day today. It is just around the corner from us and such a relaxed and super friendly neighbourhood place. Delicious jams, fresh eggs and juices. Just what one needs to wake up!

Inspired by a new friend, who is holding a dance workshop in Kadiköy next week, I decided to make my way there today. And it was rather wonderful, especially the ferry ride from Karaköy and the view… Heaven!

This part of Istanbul on the Asian side, features also one of the two famous train stations of the city – Haydarpaşa Station. It is the train station that stands as the symbol for the gateway to the East. Sadly, this week a fire damaged the roof of this wonderful landmark.

the gateway to Asia; with the fire damaged roof

read more:

Kadiköy is a very busy and lively part on the Asian shores of Istanbul. Bookstores, cinemas, all kinds of shops and eateries and even an opera can be found there. The main street feels, in terms of the number of people, like Istiklal Caddesi!

the Süreyya Opera in Kadiköy

one of the main streets: people people people

After last week’s contemporary madness, this week was rather nice and quiet. Friends of mine gave a dinner party on Tuesday with the most delicious Turkish food. We were rolling out of their house – far too much to eat …

And I watched two Turkish films that I would love to share:

Başka dilde aşk (Love in Another Language) by Özel Seçenekler. A rather touching contemporary love story set in Istanbul. The other one is called Sonbahar (Autumn) by Özcan Alper. Again a love story but set in Anatolia ten years after the political uprisings in Turkey in 1997. Some amazing cinematic pictures and a very interesting way of showing life in the remote parts of Turkey in contrast to life in Istanbul.

And so it continues …

2 Responses to “From Karaköy to Kadiköy …”
  1. Fr Otto says:

    Hello Patrick

    The ferry ride from Karaköy looks like a Turner Painting – I am so excited to come to Istanbul in less than 17 days time!



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