On the Other Side – Unkapanı …

Today I turned left instead of my usual right and I walked down the hill, crossed Atatürk Bridge with all its keen fishermen and landed in Unkapanı, yet another district of Istanbul. What an interesting discovery. There one can find a varied mix of 1960s architecture, still some old wooden Ottoman houses, hamams, boats and a university.

The bridge continues into the wide and very 1960s Atatürk Bulvari. All along the boulevard stretches a 1960s unit that is divided into 6 blocks – the IMÇ –  (Istanbul Textile Market) a post-war version of the Grand Bazaar.


a photo showing the grand opening of the IMÇ in 1960

And between carpet shops and sowing machines is an independent art space called 5533. Today two German artists, as it turned out …, Steffi Weissmann and Barbara Loreck gave a performance.

Seemingly insignificant elements of every day life, empty water bottles and ordinary SMS (text messages), are subject to a recycling process through narration and sound.  Eventually, they become loaded with unforeseen meanings and a big bubble is ready to burst. The Berlin based artists, Steffi Weismann and Barbara Loreck, use portable technical devices such as loudspeakers directly attached to the moving body and mobile phones to open up surprising perspectives regarding identity and self-construction. Both performances trigger a communicative situation between performer and audience.” (5533 press text)

the sounds of Istanbul captured in water containers by Steffi Weismann

What urban sound do you like?

needle point as a contemporary art project at 5533

And at the end of the day I left the art space with a traditional tea stool, a new friend, more food for thought and lots of laughter.

my new tea stool!

And so it continues …


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