Change is in the air …

Yesterday was a very important day, because I collected my official residence permit document, the Ikamet booklet! Every foreigner, who wants to stay in Turkey longer than the usual tourist visa period, has to get an Ikamet or residence permit. I have now officially been granted residence! SO exciting!!! May I proudly present …

Istanbul seemed to be quite pleased about my permit too, as it showed itself in the most beautiful sunshine yesterday. I went up to Gülhane Park to enjoy the view from the tea place there and to feel the warm welcome of the city as its new resident!

I walked all the way to Karaköy, along the Bosphorus and across Galata Bridge – and the Bosphorus never fails to impress and move me. Somebody said to me the Bosphorus is like therapy, and it really is. Its magic is undeniable. In Karaköy, I had a late lunch at a local place called Murat in Rıntım Caddesi No. 41/A. It is one of those traditional buffet places and exists since 1968. The waiters are the kindest and the food is home-cooked, simple, delicious –  just perfect for an easy Turkish lunch.

From there I walked up to Tophane to see an exhibition at a contemporary art space called DEPO/Tütün Deposu in Lüleci Hendek Caddesi, No. 12. Their current show is called No Ifs, No Buts and is curated by Gülsen Bal and Walter Seidl.

Marco Poloni's installation 'The Persian Gulf Incubator', 2008

detail of Poloni's installation

another detail of Poloni's installation

Marco Poloni’s installation was for me the most interesting exhibit of the show. The idea for the installation started off with an amateur photograph from the 1970s (showing a woman waving farewell amid a group of passengers on an Italian luxury liner), which the artist found by chance, which then provided the background for an autobiographical investigation that climaxed in a survey trip the artist took to the Iranian nuclear compound of Bushehr. The photographs were installed in a style that Wolfgang Tillmans introduced for his exhibitions, already in the early 1990s though.

And a wonderful piece of music, I was introduced to by a friend and would love to share, is Anouar Brahem‘s Le pas du chat noir. It’s one of the ECM recordings. Perfect for relaxing on the weekend.

Give it a try:

On my long walk yesterday, I suddenly stood in front of this huge poster saying ‘I am changing, have you noticed?’ …

And so it continues …

2 Responses to “Change is in the air …”
  1. shelley says:

    congratulations on your new status! how lucky and wonderful for you to be able to create the life you want to live! we should all be so lucky! until I am, I continue to relish and bask in your Turkish delight. xo

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