DEPOT and more …

On Sunday I passed the DEPOT in Tophane and discovered a rather interesting little show – Where Fire Has Struck – an exhibition on the 20th Anniversary of the Human Rights Foundation of Turkey.

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Well worth a visit!

Erinç Seymen, 'Isimsiz (Untitled)', 2006

Eşber Karayalçın, 'Kırmızı Nokta (Red Dot)', 2011

Ilhan Sayın, 'Önder Babat (Leader Babat)', 2011

Huri Kiriş, 'Kurban (Victim)', 2011

Memet Güreli, 'Orantılı Güç (Proportional Power)', 2009

And since last week I simply can’t stop listening to a piece of music I heard at a concert at IŞ Sanat on Tuesday. It is Tchaikovsky‘s Souvenir de Florence. I found the first movement on youtube recorded in Moscow.

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Another exhibition I discovered today is at the photo gallery Elipsis Gallery ( show is called I’m Watching You with works by the German photographer Michael Wolf who lives and works in Hong Kong. I rather liked the show!

Tonight I was taken to the Asian side of Istanbul (to Kadiköy) for a delicious dinner at Çiya ( It had a write-up in The New Yorker last year and stands for no-frills food from different parts of Turkey, dishes that almost seemed to be forgotten. It is located right in the middle of the Asian food market – fresh and delicious!

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And so it continues …


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