The Ultimate Palace …

Today I discovered the probably biggest non-secret in Istanbul – the Basilica Cistern. It is described in every guide and has been recommended to me several times – but did I ever manage to go? No. So, today was the day and I went – and it is indeed something very special. It is a ‘must-see’ as all the guides claim it to be.

The cistern was built by Byzantine Emperor Justinian I (527-565) and used until the 15th century. It is also known as “Yerebatan Sarayı” (cistern palace) because of its grand appearance. The length of the cistern is 140m and the construction is carried by 336 marble columns which are 9m high. The walls of the cistern are 4.80m thick and it has the capacity to hold 100,000 tones of water.

But apart from all the technical and historical facts, it is just something very beautiful and feels almost like an escape into a phantasy world…

4 Responses to “The Ultimate Palace …”
  1. MFV says:

    Hi, They say that the city of Edirne is very nice. Unfortunately I have never been there and every time I planned to go, the plans fell through. There we are! Such is life!!!! Glad you enjoyed the Cistern.

  2. Stunning stunning stunning. A real beauty – also I remember it being very cool and lovely in the heat.

    Another great place to escape into a phantasy world is a novel. Visit for your summer read! You will laugh – we guarantee that.

    Love, Mxxx

  3. Moggs says:

    Wow, fantastic colours!

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