Hidden Treasure Karaköy – and Ben Affleck …

Karaköy is by now probably a name familiar to the readers of this blog. It is a wonderful, charming district of Istanbul right by the Bosphorus and on the edge of Galata. I wrote about this wonderful little treasure in November last year and followed up with another post in January. I guess one can see I am quite fond of it, as – again – I am writing about it.

It is an area of Istanbul that is in constant flux and at the same time still keeping its very authentic character.  During the last few weeks, Karaköy has seen quite a few wonderful changes and additions. The jewel is in the process of being polished! And it is not only Sinan’s masterpiece Kiliç Paşa Mosque that opened its doors after years of restoration, yesterday, on the first day of Ramadan, no, there is also the art crowd that is setting up home there – and last but not least Ben Affleck who I bumped into today as he was location scouting in our little village (köy = village) – for his movie ‘Argo’!

The best Baklava in town!

Karaköy Lokantasi – one of our favourites!

Café Bej – just opened!

Design studio 333km next door

the street of cafés and galleries in Karaköy

This is where I bumped into Ben Affleck. He liked it and joined me with his crew for coffee!

read more: http://haber.gazetevatan.com/oscarli-oyuncu-filmi-icin-istanbulda-mekan-ariyor/391379/11/Haber

Mana – the gallery pioneer in Karaköy!

Mana … – and the best commercial gallery space in town

ArtSümer – just opened!

.. a new gallery space in the making …

Sinan’s Kiliç Paşa Mosque (built 1580-1587)

5 Responses to “Hidden Treasure Karaköy – and Ben Affleck …”
  1. Ben Affleck! SCREAM. How exciting. What, no brooding photograph of him looking wistfully over the river? What a magnificently inept paparazzo you are, darling.

    Lots of love,

    QM xxx

  2. I am hoping to visit all that soon!!! M

  3. efsa says:

    Wow, I can’t believe you had coffee with Ben Affleck in Karaköy..!!!…Certainly beats Gabriel Byrne in Salzburg…;-))…..You have a fabulous eye for photography….

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