Goodbye Istanbul – Hello Berlin!!!!!

After 1 year, 1 month, 1 week and 1 amazing day I am leaving Istanbul to open a new chapter in my life in Berlin.

It was one of the most extraordinary years in my life and I can’t thank the city and its people enough!

THANK YOU! Teşekkür ederim! DANKE!

10 Responses to “Goodbye Istanbul – Hello Berlin!!!!!”
  1. Cat says:

    Good luck, I’m visiting Berlin next year 🙂

  2. Christian says:

    Good luck Patrick.
    Am coming to Berlin via Frankfurt in the new year.

  3. Frau Otto says:


    das war ein wirklich toller Blog – geht das in Berlin weiter??? Wir sind im Februar in Berlin auf einer Hochzeit (11. und 12.) und natuerlich zu meiner Geburtstagsfeier (16. Juni). Und wahrscheinlich auch sonst viel, freu mich schon auf ein Wiedersehen im Cafe Einstein!!

    Alles Liebe und viel viel Erfolg in Berlin!

    Frau O

  4. efsa says:

    We will miss yoouuuuu….:-( I hope Berlin is as good for you as Istanbul was…:-)
    Much love,

  5. saadah says:

    OHHH… I read here you left… I’m an art dealer and I recently moved to Istambul, I think when you left I arrived 😦

    And I was SO looking forward to contacting you and maybe meet up one day, not only to maybe talk about business… but also meet people in the scene here … but seems you left 😦

    Well.. if by any chance you are back or you’d like to talk I’m leaving here my email.
    Hope Germany is treating you well.
    Domitila! 🙂

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